• Tenant(s) hereby give (30) thirty days’ notice of intent to vacate the premises. It is agreed that this notice terminates the tenant’s tenancy on
  • Tenant(s) will deliver possession of said premises to Owner/agent on that day by delivering the keys to the office located at 163 SE 3rd St #2 or arranging for them to be left at property. Rent will continue to accrue until possession is delivered to MBPM. In accordance with the rental agreement this notice is effective as to all occupants of this property. If the tenant remains in possession without Owner/Agent’s consent, after the expiration of the term of the rental agreement or this termination notice, Owner/Agent may bring an action for possession. If the tenant’s holdover is willful and not in good faith, Owner/Agent may also recover not more than two month’s periodic rent or twice the actual damages sustained, whichever is greater. It is agreed and understood that a “For Rent” sign may be placed on the premises before possession is give to MBPM and the premises may be shown at reasonable times prior to the expiration of this notice, after Owner/Agent issues appropriate notice to enter. 
  • By typing your name below, you are confirming that all financially responsible parties are in agreement that this is you official 30 day notice to vacate property listed above.